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Preventive health checkup

PHC Packages at Yatharth CHECK-UP


A preventive health check up is the best gift you can give to yourself or your loved one. It is advisable to have a thorough regular health check up to avoid medical surprises. Many of the diseases today are asymptomatic and remain unnoticed till a point symptoms of the disease become difficult to manage. Having a preventive health check done once in a year increases the chances that any disease is caught in its early stage and thus, it can be cured easily including ailments of heart, kidney, liver.

At Yatharth, we offer various health check packages as per the health requirements of the individual, disease risk profile, age, gender and lifestyle patterns.

Our centre for Preventive Health Check offers end-to-end care for individuals in selection of relevant package, scheduling the health check, initial consultation, co-ordination with clinical experts and reporting. A specific set of executive health check up packages have also been designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of corporate employees.

Few warning signs which indicate – It’s your time for Check Up

  • Changes in body like lumps or skin changes
  • Frequent pain, dizziness, fatigue, changes with urine or stool, or menstrual cycle
  • Change in eating habits changed, like feeling more hungry or not at all feeling hungry
  • Frequent mood changes or experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, distress, or sleeping problems
  • Difficulty in breathing, chest pain, giddiness

How to choose a Health Check Package?

Screening tests and exams depend on one's age, health, lifestyle choices, family history etc. We have created health check packages ranging from Basic health package which provides preliminary information about the vital parameters of your health to Extensive health check package which covers assessment of the vitamin deficiencies, & metabolic functions and screening for infectious diseases in addition to detailed evaluation of health profile, assessment of health risks and consultation with expert doctors for prevention and management of health-risks. In addition, we have designed packages for individuals with family history or risk factors for diabetes, heart disease or cancer. To find a health check-up package suitable for you, please check the details of the packages or talk to our Preventive Health Check executive, who will guide you to chose the right package for you.


  • Kindly take a prior appointment before coming for health check. For Pre appointment, kindly contact our PHC desk at +91 8800447777, 8826447777 (Timings: 9 am to 5 pm).
  • Please carry all your previous medical records and reports.
  • Please come fasting overnight before the check-up. kindly avoid alcohol, smoking a day prior to your check-up.
  • Do not skip your blood pressure medicines on the day of check-up. If you are diabetic please do not consume the morning dose of insulin or morning tablets on the day of your check-up. You may have them at the time of breakfast, which will be served to you in the hospital.
  • Please do not wear any jewellery and do not apply cream, oil or talcum powder on your chest on the day of your check-up.
  • If you use contact lenses, please do not wear them on the day of your check-up. Wear glasses instead. Pregnant ladies and ladies suspecting pregnancy are advised to inform about pregnancy and not to get an X- ray done
  • It will take atleast 4 -5 hours for the check-ups to complete.