Centre for cancer and bone marrow transplant

Cancer Treatment Through Stem Cell Transplants

For certain types of Cancer as leukemia and lymphoma, bone marrow transplants are undertaken dependingstrictly on patient strength and condition to replenish the body with healthy cells and a bone marrow. Yatharth Hospital is the best blood cancer hospital in Noida & Delhi NCR  which has an expert team of successful and world renowned Cancer Specialists.

Centre for Cancer

Yatharth Centre for Cancer is a comprehensive multidisciplinary institute. It brings in the latest technology with the most competent and highly skilled health care professionals under one roof. The centre offers end to end cancer treatment services starting from prevention to early detection to comprehensive treatment to palliative. The Centre is supported by state-of-the-art equipment in Centres of Pathology, Radiology and Blood Bank to provide safe blood and blood components as per international standards and regulations.

The Cancer centre offers holistic care for the cancer patients. The department also focuses on Preventive Oncology by screening, cancer awareness & educational program and vaccination. The highly skilled surgical teams of Yatharth Super Speciality Hospitals are trained and experienced in operating Head & Neck cancers, Breast cancers, GI cancers, Gynae cancers, Urological cancer and Brain tumours.

Yatharth Hospital also offers facility for surgeries to treat patients. After successful treatment, patient is followed up and taken care of for terminal malignancies by our oncologists. We offer personalized treatment to every patient to target various cancer types. In order to provide personalized, multidisciplinary care to cancer patients, our oncologists collaborate with experts from other departments, including surgeons, radiologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists.

Treatment Options available at Yatharth Hospital:

Evidence-based chemotherapy using the latest drugs based on internationally accepted guidelines to ensure world-class treatment.

Targeted therapy (such as small molecules and monoclonal antibodies) that specifically target cancer cells while sparing normal cells. This allows doctors to carry out a treatment with minimal side effects.

Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy that reduces the extent of surgery or radiation and is valuable in organ preservation - breast, limbs, urinary bladder, oesophagus (food tube) and larynx (voice box) are some of the organs that need no longer be removed surgically to treat cancer.

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