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Rare brain tumor removed in marathon 7 hour surgery at yatharth hospital noida extension

Rare Brain Tumor Removed In Marathon 7 Hour Surgery At Yatharth Hospital Noida Extension

Rare Brain Tumor Removed in Marathon 7-hour Surgery at Yatharth Hospital, Noida Extension

 Every year, 40,000 to 50,000 patients in India are diagnosed with brain tumors. These devastating lesions affect the nerve center of the body, controlling all functions, from eating to speaking to walking, as well as emotions like love and hate. The brain, spinal cord, and interconnected nerves play a vital role in regulating every aspect of our lives.

In an outstanding display of neurosurgical expertise, doctors at Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital miraculously saved the life of a 30-year old man struggling with a dangerously expanding 2kg brain tumor for 18 excruciating months.

With the massive tumor relentlessly pushing against his skull and bulging from his eye sockets, the patient's life hung by a thread. Loss of vision in one eye and threat to the only functional eye made this case immensely complex with the potential risk of total blindness. Multiple hospitals had refused to operate given the intricacy of the tumor’s location and significant risk of intraoperative complications.

Led by renowned senior neurosurgeon, Dr. P K Jha, the hospital assembled a multidisciplinary team including Dr. Nikunj Mittal, Consultant-Neurosurgery (M.Ch CMC Vellore) and Dr. Renu Paliwal, Director-Anaesthesia, and meticulously planned a staged tumor extraction. In the first of two marathon life-saving surgeries lasting 7 tense hours, approximately 90% of the tumor was surgically excised through a skull opening while retaining vision in the patient's functional eye - a remarkable feat given its complexity. After immediate ICU intervention to tackle significant blood loss, the second arduous 4-hour surgery followed a week later to eliminate any residual tumor tissue. Using neuronavigation techniques for the highest precision, the team successfully reconstructed the patient's skull bone with customized cement implants. Timely post-operative ICU monitoring and blood transfusion support enabled the best outcome possible.

Commenting on this case, Mr. Yatharth Tyagi, Director, Yatharth Group of Hospitals, said “This case of the complex brain tumor surgery exemplified how we pull out all stops to give each patient the best chance at healing, often achieving near-miraculous outcomes. Our continuous investments in advanced technologies, infrastructure and talent have the sole objective of pushing boundaries of care. This inspirational case stands as testimony that Yatharth Hospital is transforming neurological care in the region. No case is too complicated for our experts who perform miracles everyday.”

Dr. P.K. Jha, Head of Department- Neurosurgery, Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital, Noida Extension, said "This was an extraordinary case, with the tumor occupying over half of the patient's brain cavity and its rapid expansion already impairing vital functions. Adding complexity, it had grown through the optic canal compressing nerves and protruding through the eye sockets. Ensuring minimal collateral damage to fragile tissues while removing this gigantic cranial base tumor in stages was immensely challenging. Any lapse could've led to losing his only functional eye or turning comatose. Great finesse was required, with precise neuronavigation to map the tumor, specialized instrumentation, and techniques. We are privileged to have given this young man and his family their hope and life back from what several considered an impossible situation. Such recoveries are the deepest motivation for my team and me."