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Yatharth inaugurates the first oncology department in greater noida

Yatharth Inaugurates The First Oncology Department In Greater Noida

Yatharth Super Speciality Hospitals Oncology Department In Greater Noida

Yatharth Hospital’s first oncology centre in the region got inaugurated on Dec’29, 2020 at the Yatharth Hospital in Omega-1, Greater Noida. Cancer patients can avail facilities from chemotherapy to medicine and surgery here.

Dr Kapil Tyagi, managing director of the Yatharth Group of Hospitals, said that the battery of cancer in India is continuously increasing. It is very important to fight this challenge. Here the qualified team of doctors will give better treatment to the patients with the latest technology.
According to Indian Council of Medical Research data, 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer have been reported in India in the year 2020, which has doubled in 25 years. 

The hospital's director, Yatharth Tyagi, said that when a cancer patient hopes to live, he wins half the battle. Therefore, patients are kept here in a quiet and pleasant environment. Cancer is the first center of this dedicated area, which will benefit the patients of NCR region and neighbouring cities. Group CEO Amit Singh said that the increasing cases of cancer show that people need to be educated and aware repeatedly for early diagnosis and prevention of cancer. It is possible to treat every type of cancer, provided patient gets diagnosed in time and is vocal about cancer.