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Yatharth responds to the covid crisis with record admissions

Yatharth Responds To The COVID Crisis With Record Admissions

The second wave of COVID hit India as hard as it did the rest of the world, with Delhi being the most brutal hit. There were 7, 24, 710 cases in Delhi alone, and the battle for beds and oxygen was intense.  When the rest of the health infrastructure was struggling to keep up, Yatharth Hospitals in their three branches at Greater Noida, Noida, and Noida Extension were the only ones trying to accommodate as many patients as possible. “We had over 700 patients in Yatharth at one point in time, and we made the best possible arrangements for beds and oxygen cylinders,” says Yatharth Tyagi, Director, Yatharth Group of Hospitals. During the day, we had direct oxygen supply trucks making rounds.” The COVID requirement increased oxygen consumption by 5-6 times, and Yatharth ensured the best care for the best recovery for its patients. As a result, our recovery rates were probably the best in the city, and we contributed significantly to COVID recoveries within Delhi.