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Yatharth hospital performs life saving liver transplant on 33 year old with acute liver failure

Yatharth Hospital Performs Life Saving Liver Transplant On 33 Year Old With Acute Liver Failure

Yatharth Hospital Performs Life-Saving Liver Transplant on 33-year-old with Acute Liver Failure

Yatharth Hospital, Noida Extension has successfully performed liver transplant on a 33 year old male at its Noida Extension hospital. He had been suffering from acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) and fatal complications like hepatorenal syndrome. His bilirubin levels had reached a critical level of 34, and he had severe coagulopathy. He was managed medically and stabilized before being considered for the transplant.

The surgery was performed successfully by Dr. Ankur Garg (Director & HOD - Liver Transplant & Gastro Intestinal Surgery) and Dr. Kushal Bairoliya (Consultant - GI - HPB Surgery & Liver Transplant) at Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital.

"Performing the liver transplant on this patient was a challenging yet rewarding experience. The surgery required careful planning and precision due to the complications patient was facing, including acute-on-chronic liver failure and hepatorenal syndrome. We are delighted that the procedure was a success, and he is making a swift recovery," said Dr. Ankur Garg, Director & HOD - Liver Transplant & Gastro Intestinal Surgery at Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital, Noida Extension.

Liver transplantation offers hope and a new lease of life to thousands of patients with chronic liver disease who are dependent on their family members, both physically and financially. Yatharth Hospitals' successful transplant program exemplifies their commitment to transforming lives and enabling patients to lead productive and fulfilling lives.