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Yatharth super specialty hospital inaugurated the police outpost located on the hospital campus greater noida

Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital Inaugurated The Police Outpost Located On The Hospital Campus Greater Noida

Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital inaugurated the Police Outpost located on the hospital Campus in Greater Noida

In order to increase the safety of patients and doctors on the hospital premises and to promote the clinical process at the Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital, Greater Noida on Saturday inaugurated the first-of-its-kind police station located on campus. The establishment of a permanent police post on the hospital premises will not only ensure a safe area but will also protect against incidents like mob attacks late at night.

Inauguration of this police post was done in the presence of eminent personalities like Chief Guest Commissioner of Police, Gautam Budh Nagar~Mr. Alok Singh (IPS), Mr Luv Kumar~Joint Commissioner of Police, Gautam Budh Nagar, Mr Rajesh K. Singh (DCP), Mr Vishal Pandey (Additional DCP), Mr Brijjanandan Rai (ACP) and honoured guest Mr Sujit Upadhyay (Police Incharge). As a gesture of welcoming the chief guest, and thanking him, all the doctors, technical staff and hospital members applauded the police department for protecting the public from all forms of crime. Mr. Alok Singh, Commissioner of Police of Gautam Budh Nagar, welcomed with stormy thunder, said, the police department is one of the most ubiquitous institutions of the society that directly represents the government. We are happy to inaugurate the new outpost in the Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital campus while maintaining law and order in our multi-faceted roles. 
We make sure to stop any kind of violence in the hospital, doctors, health workers and patients.
The general public is also requested to understand the role and accountability of medical personnel who always give importance to saving our lives more than the lives of ourselves and their families and should always be seen as a divine incarnation. We salute all those medical workers who have continued their work efficiently to protect our lives, especially in this era of the Covid epidemic. During winter and haze, there are frequent road accidents on the highway routes and in such cases the death rate increases due to the late arrival of patients to the hospital. Due to the police post in the hospital premises, the victims of road accidents or emergency cases will get the facility of treatment before completing the medical-law-related formalities. 

Dr Kapil Tyagi, managing director of the Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital, said, Police is considered to be the most accessible, interactive and dynamic institution in any society. Naturally, their roles, functions and responsibilities in society are different. He thanks Shri Alok Singh, Commissioner of Police, Gautam Budh Nagar, and all his team for the help being given to them. Their aim has always been for the welfare of the people and now we will be able to serve the people in a more effective manner by all means. This initiative has actually been started for a noble cause.