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Copd camp organized

COPD Camp Organized

World COPD Day is celebrated with the aim to raise awareness about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and help patients manage the symptoms and prevent further implications of the disease. COPD is currently the fourth leading cause of death in the world and is projected to be the third leading cause of death by 2020.

Yatharth Super Speciality Hospitals organized Free COPD check up camps in their Noida and Greater Noida hospitals on November 20th, World COPD Day. Free consultation was provided to patients along with Free Pulmonary Function Test. Over 200 patients benefitted from teh free camp.

Many cases of COPD are preventable by avoidance or early cessation of smoking. COPD is not curable, but right treatment at right stage can help relieve the symptoms of disease, improve quality of life for patients and also reduce the risk of death.