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Bikers ride organised

Bikers Ride Organised

Greater Noida, Nov 24: Irrespective of age, stress and depression in recent times is taking a toll on everybody’s mental health causing variety of ailments, especially among the Indian youth. In order to highlight and raise the importance of mental well being, Yatharth Super Specialty Hospital organised a bikers ride today.

Yatharth Hospital in association with Royal Enfield Club Noida saw a participation of over 100 bikers, who took part in the breakfast ride to raise awareness on mental health. The rally was followed by an interactive session on Mental Health Awareness by Dr Ashima Ranjan, Consultant, Psychiatry, Yatharth Super Speciality Hospitals.

Now a days with advancements in technology, most of us prefer to spend our leisure time in front of the digital screen, rather than utilizing it in some other ways. Extensive online engagement is directly related with personality disorders, poor social skills and other emotional distress like depression, loneliness and anxiety that ultimately leads to stress.

“Social Media is one of such platforms that have overtaken a prominent place in the lives of all, especially among adolescents and youth. Even though Social networking sites are useful, it may backfire as well. In the recent times there is an increased incidences of stress among school children and most of them also admit to the rising stress, loneliness and getting carried away in the reel life. Cyber bullying is one of the most common causes of emotional trauma among school students and leads to mental distress which sometimes also can lead to suicides. Adolescence is thus a period of higher potential with a greater vulnerability to high risk situation. And thus developing life skills at such early age is an efficacious tool for empowering them to act responsibly to control it.” Said Mr Yatharth Tyagi, Director, Yatharth Super Speciality Hospitals.

Coping with stress is one of the aspects that need to be briefed in controlling the levels of stress. An important aspect of the skill is to learn to manage intense emotions like anger or sadness which can have negative impact on our health. It is thus necessary to learn positive coping styles and replacing passive with active mechanisms to learn to relax in such situations.

Each and everyone, at some point in their lives feels down, dejected, stressed or anxious. Such situations sometimes pass on their own with time, but if not treated or counseled in time may lead to a serious complication affecting the mental health. Among various mental health related illness, Depression is most common and affects more than 350 million people of all ages, in all communities, and is a significant contributor to the global burden of disease.

“While treatments like psychotherapy, counseling and medications can create wonders, regular exercises, yoga and meditation help in maintaining the mental well being. Though most of us do not actually understand the actual problem, assuming it to be a situation that will pass away, but they do not understand that leaving it as it is will only lead to further degradation of the condition. Primarily understanding the symptoms of the mental wellness is the key to solution. Choosing and finding the right mechanism or types of leisure activities takes time and patience, but it is important that how much impact it creates on your thoughts and behaviour.”  Said Dr Ashima Ranjan, Consultant- Psychiatry, Yatharth Super Speciality Hospitals

Usually discussion on mental well being is considered to be a stigma, where most of the people do not prefer to discuss about it. Even though they are not comfortable in speaking out their hearts, it is advisable not to remain silent, which we aim to highlight through such awareness sessions.