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Dr. Puneet Rana

Dr. Puneet Rana

Dr. Puneet Rana

Sr. Consultant in Department of Neurology

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh


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Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital

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Dr. Puneet Rana is a genuine allrounder in the neurosurgical field, having a vast spectrum as well as experience of over 10 years in his field. Trained in the Institute of national importance, NIMHANS, Bengaluru and trained by the teachers who are best in their respective fields, Dr. Puneet has accumulated the expertise and spectrum which is one of the best, anywhere.

Work Experience:

Senior resident in Sagar Appolo Hospital, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka after my M.Ch training for three months.
Worked as an associate consultant in Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon, for about a year(2013-2014). 
Worked as an associate consultant for about six months in Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon (2014).
Worked as the head of the department of neurosurgery, in BPS Government Medical College, Khanpur Kalan, Sonepat, Haryana, for about two years (2014-2016).
Worked in Balaji group of hospitals and medical college( MCI approved for the MBBS courses) as the head of the department, Neurosurgery, Raipur, Chhatisgarh( one of the biggest conglomerate of the hospitals in central India having about 2000 beds as of now and increasing, for a year(2016-2017).
Worked in Sarvodaya Group of Hospitals, Faridabad, Haryana, as the senior consultant and the head of the department, in both hospitals of the group, in sector8 as well as the sector 19 hospitals of the group for about a year (2017-2018).
Worked in the NEURO CENTRE HOSPITAL, Rohtak, Haryana, as the head of the neurosurgery, director, and proprietor,( from 2018-present).

Professional Membership:



Education & Fellowships:

MBBS from MAMC, Delhi, ( finished in 2003)
MS ( general surgery) from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh( finished in 2008)
M.Ch. ( Neurosurgery) from NIMHANS, Bengaluru ( finished in 2012)

Specialty Interest:

Being trained by the best in their surgical discipline, it was my vision to collect the surgical pearls, techniques and skills and amalgamate them in one place, one hand, so that the best skills, decisions making and prognosis can be provided to society, I will keep walking on that same path throughout my life and will keep furthering my spectrum skillset and techniques in the best of interests of the society and for the people who are associated with me professionally.

Awards & Honors:

I am a neurosurgeon, trained by arguably the most notable institute in the whole of Asia, and one of the foremost in the whole world for the neurosciences, where I was trained on the best machinery, by the most notable teachers of the neurosciences in the nation. After my basic training, I worked with and absorbed some of the best names in their respective fields and amalgamated all my experience to develop a spectrum of my own that is very vast and productive professionally at the same time. My total experience as a neurosurgeon is about 10 years but the expertise and productivity that I bring with me are much beyond these years. Some of the features of my spectrum and professional achievements are as follows.
1. I have been operating in the whole neuraxis, brain and the spinal cord, with impeccable results, using the navigation and the DTI, cuss, and am probably one of the few surgeons, anywhere who saves the eighth nerve, in acoustic schwannomas. I am one of the few neurosurgeons, who are capable to operate intramedullary in the brain stem and in the conus medullaris ( was exposed to this expertise while working with Padma Shri Dr V. S. Mehta, paras hospitals). we have done a number of awake craniotomies too with impeccable results.
2. I am proficient in spinal surgery, whether it is minimally invasive spine surgery, open surgery, or whether it is spinal endoscopy. I learned my minimally invasive spine surgery from the legend of MISS, Dr Sudhir Dubey, Medanta, and Gurgaon. Apart from him, I am the only other surgeon in the nation who is capable to do MISS thoracolumbar corpectomy apart from Dr Dubey, I am the inventor of MISS PARTIAL THORACOLUMBAR CORPECTOMY, a game changer concept in the thoracolumbar fractures, and the most skilled surgery of the spine. I am probably the only surgeon in
the world whose first spine surgery was MISS thoracolumbar corpectomy. I was trained by Dr S. Gore, probably the bheeshma pitamah of the spinal endoscopy in the country, for the spine endoscopy and have cured many international sportspersons using the spinal endoscopy. We give probably one of the best prognoses in the cervical regions and the cv) region, two problem areas of spine surgeries,
compared to any institute in the world. we are fully proficient to deal with any pathology of the spine, inside and outside the dura, including the tumours of the spine. We do all the possible procedures on the spine, including the balloon kyphoplasties and the spine jack too.
3. I am proficient in cranial endoscopy and, I have operated on some cases in the cranial endoscopy refused by many centres due to the difficulty level and the risks involved and am one of the few surgeons whose first colloid cyst excision was endoscopic and not microscopic.
4. I am trained by and am a favourite disciple of Dr. Janakiram, Royal Pearl hospital, Trichy, Tamilnadu, who is probably the greatest skull base surgeon , not only in india , but, in the world.
We have been doing an exemplary caliber of the work in the skull base endoscopy and am probably one of the very few neurosurgeons in the world whose first pituitary surgery was endoscopic and not microscopic, as a disciple of dr, Janakiram , I do the nasal stage myself being a neurosurgeon, a rarity among neurosurgeons.
5. I was the pioneer of the epilepsy surgeries in the central India during my stay in Raipur with impeccable results and have been trained by the pioneer of the epilepsy surgery in India , Dr. Malla bhaskar rao, HOD NIMHANS, Dr Mathew Abraham, HOD SCTIMS, TRIVENDRUM and , Dr. George, SCTIMS, head of epilepsy programe there.
6. I am trained by the great functional surgeon, Dr. Dwarkanath Srinivas ,HUD NIMHANS, for the functional surgery and the movement disorders along with Dr. Pal , NIMHANS, a legend in the neurology of the movement disorders, NIMHANS. To be honest , we are waiting for our first case , mostly due to the finances involved.
7. I have been trained by the legend of the brachial plexus padma shri , Dr. P. S. Bhandari, a legend in the brachial plexus repairs, distal nerve transfers , and probably I am the only neurosurgeon doing it in the nation and giving impeccable results, we are even proficient in dissecting out a fascicle from an alive nerve and transferring it to the nerve desired, a skill which is highly precise, immaculate as well as glamorous.probably I am the only surgeon in india who is doing the posterior only approach of the suprascapular and the spinal accessory nerve anastomosis, not even dr bhandari does it, who does anterior followed by the posterior.
8. I have been trained by various great surgeons in india ,in the field of aneurysm and the avm surgery , as well as the sta mca bypasses and am capable to anastomose arteries as small as 1mm inside the brain, my teachers include Dr Paritosh pandey, NIMHANS, ( now HOD , MANIPAL, BANGALORE), Dr. Dwarkanath srinivas, HOD, NIMHANS, great and legendary surgeon, Dr. BA Chandramouli, Ex HOD NIMHANS, Dr . Girish Nair, SCTIMS, Trivendrum.
9. Can do all cases of pediatric neurosurgery , especially the craniosynostosis and the many times operated spinal dysraphism , which most of the neurosurgeons have either refused or turned away, with impeccable results. ( till now, Not even one fresh deficits , in our experience)
10. I am trained by the legendary surgeon, Dr. Iype Cherian, kims , Karad, Maharashtra, for a very modern concept known as the cisternostomy, a game changing concept in the field of the brain trauma surgery . with the help of which , I am giving the results, which are nothing short of exemplary, with two of our patients who were pupil dilated and fixed , who are fully conscious and oriented , results like that are nothing short of miracle and extremely satisfactory in my surgical discipline.
11. I am capable and trained to do the stroke neuroradiological intervention and will work closely with the neuroradiological intervention specialists in the field of the aneurysms and avm intervention.
12. I am fully trained in my parent institute and later to do the icu procedures including the branchoscopy in even the fourth and fifth degree bronchioles , the infection rates in my experience were very less and exemplary.
13. I am fully trained to deal with the neuromedicine pathologies , at my institute , NIMHANS

Research & Publication
Written a chapter in an international journal by the THIEME PUBLICATION- SOLITARY METASTASIS- SURGERY vs RADIOSURGERY as a coauthor with Dr Aditya Gupta.