Depression Causes Symptoms and Cure

It’s Always Recommended To Diagnose The Symptoms Of Depression At The Early Stages To Get Emergency Treatment Under The Best Doctors Like The Ones At Yatharth.

Depression is also known as mood disorder. It is a mental health condition caused by an overwhelming feeling of despair, sadness and isolation which affects the daily routine, quality of life of patient and feelings of a person. Though, we all go through the feeling of sadness, losing interest or pleasure in daily activities, but if they persist and start affecting our daily life for regular period then it is called being under depression. Depression is a really sad state of mind which can also result in suicide.

So it is always recommended to diagnose the symptoms of depression at the early stages to get emergency treatment under the best doctors. What are the causes of depression? According to one of the best hospital in Noida, Yatharth Wellness, many factors contribute to the onset of drepression like:- - Childhood trauma - Abuse of recreational drug - Life events - Genetic factors - Reaction to medicines/ drugs - Chronic pain syndromes - Medical conditions -Stress Symptoms of depression Generally people suffering from depression experience a variety of symptoms, but the most common symptoms found in most of the patients is losing interest in the daily chores and trigerring levels of sadness. Apart from this, here are few other symptoms of depression:- - Restlessness - Inability to focus - Lower sex drive - Lack of energy - Insomania or excessive sleeping - Change in appetite - Mood swings - Feeling hopeless - Avoid social gatherings - Unexplainable crying spells - Thoughts of suicide Various types of depression Various types of depression can be classified on the basis of occurence of various combination of symptoms, timings and severity.

At times, it also depends on the age, gender and culture of the patience. Here are a few common types of depression:- - Major Depressive Disorder - Persistent Depressive Disorder - Bipolar Disorder - Dysthymia - Masked Depression - Agitated Depression What is Geriatric (old-age) Depression? Depression in old age is usually masked and it is very common. We often take it for granted that it is old age and the person will suffer from illness. Here are a few symptoms:- - Irritability - Forgetfullness - Decreased Sleep - Death Wishes - Auditory Hallucinations - Visual Hallucinations - Paranoia How despression can be cured? Hospitals is Noida are providing best treatments to cure the patients suffering from depression. According to doctors, if five or more above mentioned symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it indicates that the person is suffering from depression. However, just like other medical problems, depression can not be detected by doing some tests like blood test or urine test of the patient. It takes patience to understand the change in the behavioural patterns of the patient to ascertain that he/ she is actually suffering from depression. Person in depression can be easily treated either by medication or psychotherapy or by the combination of both. - Medication - Antidepressants are actually advised to a person suffering from depression to help alter the mood. Medications generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to start showing the results like improvement in sleep, improving appetite and improvement in concentration powers.

However, mood swings take time to get settled. - Psychotherapy - Talking to the patients about their problems and counseling them accordingly also helps them fight depression. Different types of psychotherapy include interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and problem solving therapy. In mild cases of depression, psychotherapies are the first option for treatment. - Combination of Both Medication and Psychotherapy - Combining both medication and psychotherapy works better for the person suffering from severe depression problem. Dr Ashima Ranjan of Yatharth Wellness reveals, "Depression is a serious yet common mental health problem. The family members should break the stigma and should accompany patients to Psychiatrist. Depression is treatable and individuals function better after the treatment." SAY YES TO LIFE SAY NO TO MENTAL ILLNESS

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