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How to keep your knee healthy

How To Keep Your Knee Healthy

How to Keep Your Knee Healthy?

Knee pain is a common problem caused by a sudden injury or by an underlying problem like arthritis. Knee pain can affect people of all ages and fitness levels and is cured by an orthopaedic specialist.

At times, knee pain can be easily treated by self-care measures, knee braces and physical therapy but when the situation worsens, it is suggested to get the best treatment like surgical repair under the guidance of an expert doctor.

Symptoms of Knee Injury

Doctors at the best hospitals in Noida reveal that there are various symptoms of knee pain:-

  • Knee Swelling
  • Crunching or Popping Noises
  • Problem Straightening the Knee
  • Problem with Bear Weight on the Knee
  • Deformity in Knee
  • Redness and Pain Around Knee

Causes of Unhealthy Knee

Acute pain in and around the knee can be due to injury in the ligament, fluid-filled sacs or tendons around the knee joint or in the knee bones. Some of the common types of knee injuries that lead to unhealthy knees are:-

Fractures - Fractures are caused due to accidents and if your bones are weak then also you are at a high risk of knee fracture even by keeping one wrong step.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament - Anterior Cruciate Ligament is also known as ACL injury which means tearing of one of the four ligaments which connect the shinbone to the thighbone.

Torn Meniscus - Meniscus, which acts as a shock absorber between shinbone and thighbone, can easily get torn due to a sudden twist of the knee.

Dislocated Kneecap - When the patella bone that covers the front of the knee slips out of its place then it results in the dislocated kneecap.

Loose Body - At times, a part of the knee bone breaks and floats in the joint space. This floating part does not create any problem till the time it starts interfering with joint movement.

or Foot Pain - Hip or foot pain forces the person the change the way he/she walks which can in turn result in increasing the stress at the knees.

Bursitis - Inflammation in the bursae is called knee bursitis. It is necessary to keep it healthy as it felicitates cushioning outside the knee joint to ensure that the ligaments and tendons glide smoothly over the knee joint.

Arthritis - There are various types of arthritis like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Pseudogout and Septic arthritis.

Patellar Tendinitis - Tendinitis refers to inflammation in one or more of the tendons.

Weight - Being overweight results in increasing the stress on the knees even doing simple tasks like walking.

Lack of Flexibility - Knee injuries also take place due to a lack of flexibility in the knee joints.

Band Syndrome - This syndrome takes place when the iliotibial band after becoming tight starts rubbing against the outer portion of the femur.

Tips to Keep Knee Healthy

Emergency treatment is suggested by orthopaedics if knee injury takes place as it is an important part of the body which helps in the movement of the legs and hence helps you to stay on foot the entire day.

However, hospitals in Noida like Yatharth Wellness are well-equipped to take care of any type of knee injury as it has the best doctors from around the world on their panel.

Here are a few tips which can help you keep your knee healthy:-

Keep your weight under control - Maintaining a healthy weight is the best gift that one can give to his/ her knees. Extra weight increases the stress on joints and knees resulting in severe problems.

Stay Flexible - Stretching of knee joints helps in keeping them stay flexible and you can also do some exercise to increase the flexibility of muscles around the knees.

Play your sport right - Learn to play your sport right under the guidance of an expert coach to learn the correct technique and movement of different parts of the body. Prefer playing a sport which puts less stress on the knees if you are already suffering from an old knee injury.

According to Dr Ankur Das, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon of Yatharth Wellness, "Key to keeping one knee joints healthy and strong is to maintain an active lifestyle, balanced diet which comprises of food rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals plus Vitamin D and proteins. Regular exercises play an important role too."

He adds, "We at Yatharth Hospital are fully equipped to treat all knee-related ailments like Complex Trauma Management, Joint Replacement Programs, Sports Injury and Sports Medicine Programs and state of the art and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department."